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Essential Tips For Selling Your House Out of State

When it comes to selling a house, most people live in the same house they are selling. But what if you don’t even live in the same state as the house you want to sell? If you’ve recently moved or have a rental property in another state, selling the house out of state can be a little scary at first.

How To Sell An Inherited House In California

You know what they say: mo money, mo problems.

As an Executor of an estate right now, I can tell you:
It’s absolutely true, especially when you have to sell an inherited house.

After being in probate for about a year, dealing with heirs of the estate, having to manage the inherited property, and negotiating…

Cash Buyers vs Traditional Loan Buyers

Picture this for a moment: One day you’re a regular person working at a hospital job making a decent living. After buying a lottery ticket just for the heck of it, you find out you just won the Powerball lottery for $757.8 million dollars. That’s a life changing amount of money.

Now you have a choice to make…

How To Sell A House That Needs Major Repairs

I wiggled the cabinet door. It looked like it was hanging on for dear life on just 1 hinge. As I walk across the kitchen I could see the floor halfway peeled off. 3 broken windows that were boarded up and graffiti all over the walls. That’s just the start of it.

This place needs work.. Serious work.

Are We Buy House Companies Legit ?

California Real Estate Blog Are We Buy Houses Companies Legit? Valentyn Svit, Founder 4 August 2017 You're in your car driving down the road when all of a sudden you see a sign that says "we buy houses". This time, it catches your attention. You've been thinking of...

What To Do When Your Home Gets Fire Damaged

California Real Estate Blog What To Do When Your House Gets Fire Damaged Valentyn Svit, Founder 24 June 2017 Did you know that in 2014 alone, there was 1,298,000 million fires in the united states? Every year, millions of houses get fire damaged and many lives are...

How To Restore A Trashed Rental Property

California Real Estate Blog How To Restore A Trashed Rental Property Valentyn Svit, Founder 19 June 2017 You heard the stories, but you never thought this can happen to you. Your investment rental property looks like a mess. Every day that passes by is a day without a...

Should I Buy or Rent A House in California?

California Real Estate Blog Should I Buy or Rent A House in California? Valentyn Svit, Founder 25 April 2017 Did you know that a Hermit crab "migrates" from one shell to another as it grows? (each new shell is bigger than the previous one) Sound familiar? It’s what we...

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