About us

We make every home we buy about the people selling it.

Dear Homeowner,

My name’s val and I run a small house buying company from Sacramento, CA that you’ve probably never heard of.

I won’t be able to give you a cash offer in the next 30 seconds of you opting into my form (I like to do my research to give you a fair and accurate offer before I present it to you).

Also, I refuse to make outrageous claims about how I can give you the highest price for your house. (You’re going to get the highest price listing it with an agent).

Now despite my shortcomings?

I’ve still been able to help homeowners stop foreclosure, get through the probate process, and sell their house lightning quick.


I always focus on helping homeowners find a solution, not just buying their house.

The truth is, my service isn’t for everyone. I work with homeowners who don’t have the time, money, energy, or patience to sell traditionally.

I give people a quick, easy, and hassle-free way to sell their house (without having to list it, walk buyers, through or make any repairs to the house) and in return I buy the house at a price that I can make a profit.

So with that being said, feel free to take a look around my site and check out some of my content (it may help with your situation).

Who knows? We might end up getting to know each other pretty well.


Valentyn Svit

Founder & CEO


"To make a difference in someones life, you don't have to be brilliant, beautful, or perfect. You just have to care." -Mandy Hale

What seperates us

People First

To us, It’s more then just buying someones house. We focus on providing a solution to real estate related problems and improving the lives of homeowners through our service.

We have your back

Even if it means we’re helping you out for free (although a review wouldn’t hurt). To us, it’s worth it knowing that we made a difference in someones life through our work and we know that it will come back to us in the future.

Honesty & Transparency

We believe in in being honest and upfront about our service and the way we do business. 

Our Promise

At Cmark, we believe that every home we buy should be about the person selling it. That’s why we work with you to improve your situation – not just buy your house.

Know The People Behind Cmark

Our Team

Founder & CEO

Valentyn Svit

My name is Valentyn Svit, but my friends call me Val.

I work with homeowners all over California to help them overcome real estate related problems and sell their house so they can move on with their life.

Real Estate is my passion and I aim to be one of the top investors in the country.

A few things about me:

During my free time, I like to work out at the gym, find really good places to eat, and help out at my church 🙂 My lord and savior is Jesus Christ and without him, I am nothing.

Andrey Svit

Chief Financial Officer

Basically a fancy word for saying Andrey runs the numbers in the place so we can make everyone an accurate offer.

He’s also great with people.

Irina Svit


What would we do without our assistant? Well.. just about nothing.

Irina helps prevent chaos and unorginazation at the office.

Cmark Community

Stories from our clients

We’ve changed the names, but the stories are real.

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